Welcome to the Heart of Virginia Festival!

The Heart of Virginia Festival is a celebration of the arts, crafts, culture, and music in the heart of Virginia. Whether you are 3 or 83, you are sure to love what the Heart of Virginia Festival has to offer. Join us this year for the 42nd Heart of Virginia Festival on May 2, 2020!

We want to keep the three boxes that are currently on the home page.  One box will be a link to Festival Map, one box will be the mission statement and one will be parking information 

Festival Map

Click here for the festival map. Can we have a small image of the map and when they click on it it takes them to a larger map.

Mission statement

The Heart of Virginia Festival began as an art show with residents of the area displaying unique paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of art. The Festival has grown to include musical acts, handmade crafts, and community projects. Today the Heart of Virginia Festival is a true celebration of local culture, arts, and crafts, on display, surrounded by community support


Festival Parking Locations

  • South Street Municipal Lot
  • Depot Street Municipal Lot
  • Corner Municipal lot at East Second Street & South Street
  • North Street Municipal Lot

Street access for vendors opens at 6:30 am

  • Vendors will be allowed 2 vehicles per vendor/booth
  • Vehicles should be unloaded and parked no later than 8:30 am
  • At all other times, vehicles must remain in parking areas
  • If you arrive late, roads will be inaccessible
  • The Festival officially ends at 4:00 pm and we ask that you do your best to be off the streets by 4:30 pm in order to allow the Town ample time to prepare for the evening events

One Way streets for day of the Festival

  • High Street – east bound only
  • Main Street (from Third to Putney Streets) – south bound only